Friday, March 18, 2011

Mamapedia - Precious Moments 4 DVD and 3 CD Bundle ONLY $25!!

Mamapedia has a GREAT deal this morning! They have a Precious
Moments Bundle set for only $25! I love Precious Moments! They
are so stinking cute! This is a great deal! In this bundle you are going
to get 4 DVD's and 3 CD's for only $25! It's a $40 value! I have been
holding on to some credits, but I think this deal may be just what I want to
use them on!

You will get FREE shipping on this as well! If you have a Precious Moments
fan, what a great gift this would make!! You could even break up the bundle
and give out to many friends, or put in Easter Baskets! This deal makes them
at about $3.50 a piece! You can't beat that! They would be great for a
donation at your church for the children's nursery as well!

It is a limited quantity deal, and only 1 Bundle per household!

While your shopping online this morning, have a look at this great
Melissa & Doug Plastic Food Set for only $11.95!

Melissa & Doug Playtime Fruits Set $11.95
Click the "Stuff It" Button to add it to your cart
and get it immediately!"

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