Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Site launch plus Referral Contest and Member prize drawings!!

I'm so happy to announce that our new site is up and running! After two weeks
of trial and error, and lots of customizing and tweaking things up a bit, I think
we have the site where we want it! All that is missing is you!  We are celebrating
the launch of our new site by having a referral contest, and ALSO one random
member will be drawn to win a $25 Visa gift card each month! If this contest
goes well, then we can offer them more often with higher prizes! You can read
more about this contest below!

So what is this site about you ask? It's a community for those of you who love
to save money! We are all about sharing on this site, so feel free to brag about
deals you have scored by uploading videos and photos! We even let you write
as many blog posts as you would like!

Have you ever visited a site that has the weekly deal linkys (like out Week-ending
Finales here at TheFrugalfreeloader) where all these awesome shopping bloggers
get to show you what they bought , how much they spent and the coupons they
used, and wished that you had a way to display all of that to share like them?
Well with FrugalXchange, you can! You get your own blog to write about what
you want and to share the links with whoever you want!

Maybe you just like meeting new people, or others who have the great skills of
saving money! What if you like finding blogs that inspire you, or maybe you just
started a blog and are looking for new readers. You can find all
that and more in our new community!

At FrugalXchange, we LOVE to advertise, and we do it for FREE! So if you have
a blog, Etsy shop, Business etc. Come join us and we'll get your name out there
among our members. From there, our members can share those links among their
Facebook and Twitter followers, and then even  those can be shared!

We are looking to build a good strong community of helpful members sharing deals
and tips to make life easier and more enjoyable! If you OR someone you know
could answer YES to any of the following below, then that is a perfect fit to join
our community!

-Do you like to save money?
-Do you like to coupon or would  you love to learn how?
-Are you trying to get out of debt?
-Are you very knowledgeable when it comes to frugal meal plans?
-Do you enjoy sharing your tips and tricks?
-Would you like to know where deals are at stores and restaurants before
    you head out?
-Do you like to meet and friend new people that share your interests?
-Are you a blogger?
-Do you have your own business?
-Do you sell things on Etsy?
-Would you love to write your own articles for others to vote on and share
    with the world?
-Do you like to brag about the deals you find with photos and videos?
-Do you like to create Groups or Join groups that interest you?
-Do you enjoy participating in Forum discussions?
-Want to join a site that lets you use your own affiliate links and banners
    on their site?
-Do you have a blog that does store ad match-ups and want your site
   DIRECTLY linked to your site's deals?

There are probably lots of other things to add, but if you like any of those
things, please join us, and share the site with your friends!!

This is where the referral contest comes in, From today, March 13th through
Sunday March 20th at 11:59pm, we will be running a referral contest. The
member of FrugalXchange that refers the most new members to our
community during the contest time frame will win a $25 Visa Gift card!
You can read more about the rules of the contest HERE. So make sure
to JOIN before you start referring! Joining our site is FREE for EVERYONE!

One last thing, We REALLY need to get our store match-ups page filled,
we need lots of bloggers who do store match-ups. So if you do these
deals, become a member and we will direct link to your site for our members
main source of info for that particular store! We also need more Etsy members
and categories.

So that about covers it! Check out the New Here? Page  and the  FAQ's page
to learn more about our community!

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