Friday, March 18, 2011

Week-Ending Finales - 3/18 Come link up your Savings!

We launched our brand new Frugal Community this week! It's been an
exciting week and I'm working with a lot of great bloggers, still wanting
to meet some more though! If you have a minute, stop on by and take a look around! Join us if you would like!
We would love to have you and looking for new members to add
to our Frugal Blog Roll along with the other various blog roll and linky
directories that we have! We are a very sharing site and allow Free
advertising of your blogs and free use of any and all of your affiliate
links and banners so that you can make money off your content
there! Plus when you join, you are entered to win a $25 Visa
gift card which will be drawn on 3/31!

This week, I shopped at Rite Aid and Walmart!
Combined total at both stores before any sales or coupons was: $48
Total after all sales and coupons: Less than $7!

How did you do this week? Leave links to your savings posts, or comment below!

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