Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Coupon Sign at Walmart, Plus some Freebie Deals!!

Walmart is becoming an easier place to shop at if you are a couponer.
They recently updated their coupon policy, have printed special wording
at the bottom of their receipts and now, some stores have got these
signs hanging at the registers!  I know many of you are still having a hard
time when it comes to couponing at Walmart, but it looks like they are
trying to come around. Check out the great freebies and deals below!

They have recently announced that they will be bringing back thousands
of items back to their stores, and have stated they are ready to roll up their
sleeves and win the lowest price battle with their rivals They have also said
and I have seen commercials ads too, where they will match competitors and
not require you to bring in the ad!

Keep in mind, they have MANY stores, and lots of employees. Many of which
are coming and going, so it will take time to get all the rules across to all the
employees. So just play it safe and print the coupon policy, and take it with
you each time you shop!

If you want to give Couponing at Walmart a try, here are some great deals
to look for!

Airwick Warmer Unit - $0.94 - $0.97ea
Use $1/1 printable coupon here
FREE - Plus a little overage after coupon!

Reach Floss - $0.97
Use $1/1 Printable coupon here
FREE - Plus a little overage after coupon!

Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste (Travel Size) - $0.97
Use $1/1 Printable coupon here
FREE - Plus a little overage after coupon!

Spic & Span Spray Cleaner - $0.97
Use $1/2 printable coupon here
$0.47 each after coupon!

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Kristin Land said...

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