Friday, April 15, 2011

Week-Ending Finales 4/15 Link Up Your Savings Too!

Didn't do alot of shopping this week. I'm having a really hard time with allergies
right now! I can't even go outside to check the mail without being in this full
blown storm of sneezing, coughing and eyes so watery I can't see to drive!
I've never been one to take medicine. I usually just let things run their course
Anyone know of some good natural allergy blockers, anti-histamine
home remedy type things?

Well this week, I shopped at Walmart and Publix, both briefly! But I did find
a few great deals I am happy with. Don't forget to link up below!

Both trips combined total before any sales or coupons: $46.57
Total AFTER all sales and coupons used: $9.32!

* Check out the Freebie Round-Up 10 Freebies list currently!

* Old Navy -  $8 Cropped Cardis for Women and Girls! 4/16 Only! 
* 4 inserts in this week's Sunday Paper!! Take a peek at the coupons Here!
* FREE Sample of White's Premium Dog Food! Grab it here!
* FREE Bath & Body Works "Into The Wild" Lotion Printable Coupon!
* Simple Tip for Peeling Potatoes! No Peeler Required!! Watch Video!

So how did you do this week? Leave your links to savings posts or just comment

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